Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I'm illustrating a new book....

Here's a mock-up of the cover I'm doing for the book "Lil Glimmer".

Hopefully the illustrations will be ready before Halloween, and the book will be available by Thanksgiving. :-)

Let me know what you think....

The Porterlance Books should be included in the 11-01-09 Launch of RippleReader.com

"One Stormy Day" and "A Stranger At Christmas" should be included in the 11-01-09 launch of RippleReader.com.

It seems like a great idea, that will have a solid launching. It's a program you put on your computer for your kids. You, GrandParents, or Parents overseas in the Military can purchase books for the kids...and record themselves reading those books to the kids. The kids look on the computer, and can play the book in digital format and hear their loved one reading the book to them. And, they encourage the parents to purchase the paperback/physical copy of the book so the child can use it while reading along.

I'll make sure to post links once they launch...so everyone can check it out. :-)

People have been buying "One Stormy Day"

I've gotten a few more orders for "One Stormy Day" on Amazon.com recently, so that's a nice feeling. :-)

There's were a few typos found in the "A Stranger At Christmas" book, so those are being fixed as I type, and it should be order-able again on Amazon on Friday. Yipee!

If you need a good book to read to your children, these are them.

Friday, September 4, 2009

I just got my hard cover copies in from Blurb.com

I have to say I am impressed! It's so cool to see my books in hard cover format. Nice, thick, silky pages. Click the pictures below to see them larger: