Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Creating My First Book

I actually created the first book 10 years or so ago.

It, of course, started with an idea. I was actually reading another book and saw a short poem in it. That made me decide to try my hand at writing.

I love was always the most magical time for me as a child. So, I decided to start with that. Next thing I knew, I had the story written, and kept going to write 11 more (same was my vision to release 1 for each month of the year).

Now that I had the was a few years later before I was able to do anything with them. I wasn't the greatest artist, so I didn't think I could do the illustrating.

I found a place where I could self-publish...and that made me start searching for a way to get the artwork done.

I contacted different Artists/Illustrators that I found online, and asked if they'd be willing to partner on this project. I found a great one that was willing, and super talented.

I'm a control freak, so I wanted the images to fit my vision. So, I drew the characters faces, and a sketch of what I wanted on each page. I gave these to Dennis (the illustrator), and he brought them to life. A few changes here and there and we had what we needed for the first book (and did the same for the second).

Because printing costs were so high, I printed the book at a coloring book. It had a great color cover, and really THICK inside pages in coloring book style. I wanted to have people still see it in color, so I made an ebook version on CD that I included in the back of the books.

Next, it was time to try to get some sales. I did put the book on, and contacted small bookstores around the country. I asked them if they'd do a consignment deal or be willing to purchase 3-4 copies each. I found about 100 stores willing to take me up on the offer. And, got some good praise and some offers for book signings if I was ever in the area.

Unfortunately, I went through some hard times and had to put it all on the back burner.

Until now....

I actually picked it back up after finding out about Createspace. My sister is writing a novel for young girls, and I looked at options for her to be able to publish it herself. When I found Createspace, and heard all of the positive feedback, I decided to try my books again. It's much more cost effective now, and it gives me a creative outlet.

I am thrilled to see my first 2 books finally in color. I've also published them with and to see the hard cover versions.

Now, I'm on a quest to get reviews, win awards, and increase sales! Wish me luck! :-)

And, on the side, I'm going to help my sister illustrate a short story she recently wrote, titled: Little Glimmer

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