Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First week of Amazon Reviews for One Stormy Day

"This charmingly ilustrated book has short inventive rhymes so a child could memorize it and read it to himself. The thunder storm is the background for a scary story about the pirates' cannons. The King's navy arrives to help Captain Ben and Queen Sarah win the day atop their ship, which resembles their bed. It is cute and a child will enjoy it, even on days when there is no scary storm outside." shopper - (4/5 stars)

"This is an adorable story done in rhyme! Ben and Sarah try to come up with ideas of what to do on a rainy Saturday. Mom and Dad try to help with a few ideas, but Ben and Sarah prefer their own idea. Imagination creates a fun-filled day with a story of pirates and treasures. This book is lots of fun to read and the illustrations are colorful and very well done. Your child will enjoy this adorable story. And, you'll enjoy reading it along with your little ones." Barbara J. Smith - (5/5 stars)

So...the reviews are starting to come in. Hopefully, I can keep up the momentum. The next book has already been published, but will take about a week to get onto I'm hoping to get fast reviews for it, since it's a Christmas title and has a short selling window. :-)

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